When creating an item, you start from the board screen for the board whose meeting you want the item to be included in a packet.  All buttons to create, add, or edit items are in Item Functions group box. 


You can create an item in four different ways. 

  • A New Item – Most frequent choice.  Use this choice if you want to add an item to a meeting right now, and you cannot copy or progress the item from another meeting (see below).  You will need to provide all the information for this item by typing it in to the online form and attaching documents.
  • A Parked Item – This is also a way to create a new item by entering the information, except it is not placed in a meeting right now.  It is put into a list of pending items to be added to a meeting later.
  • Copy an Item – Used occasionally.  This choice copies an item from one of this board’s meeting agendas to another one.  All information for the item is copied over as well as any attachments. 
  • Progress an Item – Similar to copying an item.  This choice copies an item from an agenda of one board to the agenda of a different board.
  • A Recurring Item – If any recurring items are set up for the board, the recurring item choice will appear.  This is very similar to copying an item. 

The following instructions are for creating a new item.  To create a parked item, copy and item, progress and item, or insert a recurring item, please review those support articles.

Click the Create a New Item button.


Select the meeting to which you want to add the item.  All the meetings for which packets are currently being built are included in the list.

Select the item type.  The number of choices depends on how your customized account is set up.  In some cases there may only be one choice.

Select the region of the agenda in which to place the item.  The choices represent the agenda regions for the subject meeting and are unique to this board. 

Set the visibility of the item.  The default is Everybody.  Most items need to be changed to Everybody.  Select Board Only if you want the item's attachments to be excluded from the packet.

Indicate if the item is to have a cover sheet or not.  Checking the box eliminates creation of a cover sheet.

Enter a title for the item.  This is the description of the item that will appear in the agenda – sometimes referred to as the caption. 

Make selections for any other fields remaining.  The above choices apply to creating an item for every board.  There may also be additional fields displayed that are customized for the board.  Choices for those fields must also be indicated.

Click Add Agenda Item button.