There is no information to type to copy an item, and the form only has four steps.

Click the Copy an Item button.

Select the meeting from which the item is to be copied.  Notice that past as well as future meetings are listed.  In addition to copying items that have already appeared on meeting agendas, you can copy items that are on proposed agendas.

From the list that appears, select the agenda item to copy.

Select the meeting to which the item is to be copied.  Only future meetings (those that have not been finalized) are listed here.

Select the region in which to place the item.  The regions currently in the destination meeting are listed.  Agendease will attempt to determine the most likely destination region for the item, and will indicate it as the best match.  If there are multiple likely matches, Agendease will indicate that, and will also indicate if none of the regions are a good match.  Regardless, you may select any region in which to place the item.

Click the Copy Item to Meeting button.

The success message is displayed and the edit item screen appears with the Sections tab selected. The item can now be edited just like any other item.