This Quick Start Guide PDF file available for download below.  Scroll to bottom of page.


Quick Start Guide

You are excited about using Agendease to create your meeting packets.You want to get started right now.Let’s get started practicing by signing in, creating a meeting, an item for a meeting.

Sign In

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your User ID and password.If you do not know your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link, enter your email address.Your password will be sent to you.Your User ID is your email address.

Begin Working on a Packet

  1. Go to the main screen of the board for which you want to start working on a packet. Board main screens are accessed by clicking their buttons in the Dashboard.

  2. You may not have access to perform all of the next steps.If you need or want access to perform any of the steps to which you do not have access, request it from the Agendease Administrator in your organization.The administrator is typically a city secretary, city clerk, or similar position.


Create a Meeting (Assistant level access)

  1. In the board screen, click the Add a Meeting button.

  2. Enter the date for the meeting.

  3. Leave the “Location” unchanged.

  4. Select an “Agenda Style to Use”. If there is one titled “Regular Agenda”, select it.

  5. Leave “Meeting Time” unchanged”

  6. Leave the “Items require approval” box unchecked.

  7. Select “Do not insert a posting date” for “How will the posting date be set”

  8. Leave Posting Date blank.

  9. Select “Complete” for “Set the visibility of the packet”

  10. Leave all three notification intervals (Board Members, Staff Members, and Public unchanged).

  11. Click the “Create Meeting” button.


Create an Item (Contributor and Assistant level access)

  1. In the board screen, click the Create a New Item button.

  2. Select a meeting.

  3. Select an “Action type”.If there is only one, select it.If there are more than one, select the first one listed.

  4. Select “Everybody” for “Set the visibility of the item”.

  5. Leave “Region placement” unchanged.

  6. Select “Everybody” for “Set the visibility of the item”.

  7. Leave “No cover sheet” unchecked.

  8. Enter the title of the item into the “Item Title” field. What you type here will appear on the agenda for the item.

  9. Click the “Add Agenda Item” button.


Editing an Item (Contributor and Assistant level access)

  1. Enter information in each field in the “Sections” tab of the Edit Item screen. You may have a combination of text fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists, and others.

  2. Click the “Update Item Sections” button.

  3. Click the “Attachments” tab.

  4. Click the “Add an Attachment” button.

  5. Enter a “File Description” for the attachment. This is how the attachment will be listed on the item cover sheet and in the packet bookmarks.

  6. Click “Select a File”.

  7. Select a file from your computer that you want to attach to the item.

  8. Click the “Add Attached File” button.


Taking a look at the item you added

  1. While still in the Edit Item screen, click the “Draft View” tab.

  2. Take a look at the information you just added for the item, and the way that the cover sheet is going to look.

That’s it!

The steps that were listed in this quick start are likely the options that you will do most often when you are creating meetings and adding items to a meeting.Meetings and items are not all the same.You will need to specify different choices for the meetings and items you create when using Agendease.For example, you will rarely leave the “Region placement field” unchanged when you are actually creating an item.

Agendease has many features for you to make the meeting packet just the way you want it.We only touched on them in this quick start.Please refer to articles the Agendease Support Center for information and instructions about all the features and functions used to prepare a packet.

You can access the support center any time by clicking the “Support” tab at the right of all screens in your control panel.